Pella Lutheran Church

Preschool Home - Our Educational Philosophy



We believe that early childhood years are a very important time in the development of a child. Most of the potential for learning is established by the time a child reaches age six. During this time, children need a stimulating Christian environment to learn and grow spiritually, socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally as they add new experiences through opportunities provided for children to explore and manipulate a variety of materials. We also believe that play is a very important part of any early childhood classroom. Much growth takes place through play activities. Through play, children develop social and language skills, learn to handle their emotions, and learn about their world.

1993 CPH - Reprinted by Permission

At In His Hands Child Enrichment Center, children are treated as special creations of God, each with unique interests and needs, each forgiven and redeemed by a gracious and loving God through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. "Jesus Time" (Chapel) is an integral part of the program, as the children learn about and experience God's love. This sharing of God's love permeates all that is done at the Center. We believe that a Christian environment in these early years lays an important foundation in the spiritual life and overall development of the child. Jesus is our Good Shepherd. We want everything done here at In His Hands Child Enrichment Center to be done "IN HIS HANDS."