Celebrating 125 Years in 2024

Stay tuned for more information about celebratory events for our 125th Anniversary.

  • Our kickoff fellowship event will be a Family Fun February Afternoon with a friendly cornhole tournament and other games for all ages on February 4.  
  • Save the date of Sunday, June 9 when we will have our Anniversary Banquet.

Pella's First 100 Years

Pella celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 1999.  Click here to see portions of the History booklet that was created at that time.  

Excerpt: "The Name "Pella" - Pella congregation is unique in that it is the only church with that name in the Missouri Synod. The question is often asked as to what "Pella" means. It is uncertain why the founders of Pella chose that name. Perhaps it was the Dutch influence in the Waupun are.  In Biblical times, Pella was a "city of refuge" for the early Christians. Pella is one of the ten cities of Decapolis which are mentioned in the Bible. It was located southeast of the Sea of Galilee in the mountains of Gilead. It can be found on some maps of the New Testament. Jesus told his followers about the coming destruction of Jerusalem and told them to "flee to the mountains" (Matt. 24:16). Pella became one of the main "refuge cities." As further evidence of this, archeologists have uncovered the ruins of an early Christian church at Pella.  In a spiritual sense, Pella Church is a "place of refuge" for the weary soul seeking safety and peace.